This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to my Blog!

This is a space for my thoughts on two important concepts: Education and Intersectionality. The space will likely entertain musings on other things. I’m just gonna see where we end up.

One thing is true: the goal of this space is to foster discussion. I hope that I learn as much as each of you do from this space.

Professionally, I have always been an educator. Primarily focused on higher education access, I cut my teeth as a university admission officer. Tasked with providing access to underserved and underprivileged groups, I began to understand that our country’s educational issues were far deeper than simply a lack of access or funding. I soon realized that my energies and “admission know-how”  would be best used as a college counselor. Working with a broad variety of domestic and international students supports an interesting perspective that I hope my readers and fellow educators can find useful.

My desire is that my opinions stimulate deep thinking and critical discourse around these two topics. Primarily, I want to delve into ways that we can “rethink” how we craft better curriculum, policy, and organizational structures to serve the reality we live in, and not the one our parent’s lived in (largely thanks to technology!)

So, that is where we start. I’m a college counselor who likes to think about and discuss how we might improve the process of educating and being educated. I hope you join me on this adventure!! I look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and linked articles. Most importantly, I look forward to LEARNING from you all and GROWING with each of you as we exchange our ideas related to educational intersectionality.


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